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As a member of the Alliance for Black Pentecostal Scholarship, you have the opportunity to: 

Meet scholars and thought leaders who identify as black Pentecostals

Engage with people who are doing research in black Pentecostalism

Collaborate with students of Black Pentecostalism as a research interest

Network with pastors and leaders with an interest in Black Pentecostal 

Network with other students,  academics, and practitioners with an interest in research black Pentecostalism around the world.

Attend conferences, seminars, worships, and symposia on global black Pentecostalism

 Collaborate with other scholars, practitioners, and students studying black Pentecostalism

Annual Membership Plan

  • Standard Annual

    Every year
    • Access to Annual Conference
    • Access to Workshops
    • Access to Seminars and Symposia
    • Receive our quarterly newsletter
    • Access to past conferences, symposia and workshops

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