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The birthing of the Alliance for black Pentecostal Scholarship took place at the late Professor James Cone's funeral. Dr. Clifton R. Clarke, Dr. Antipas Harris, Dr. Jaaqueline Rivers, Rev. Eugene Rivers, and Dr. Terrell Strayhorne discussed the contribution of James H. Cone to the development of Black Theology. During the discussion, there was a strong sense that the death of James Cone was a watershed movement for the growth and expansion of Black Pentecostal Theology. In addition, Dr. Clarke's new book (at the time) "Pentecostalism: Insights from Africa and the African Diaspora, also provided an impetus for a black Pentecostal scholarship to emerge from the shadows of white classical Pentecostalism and to stand as an area of discipline and a tradition in and of its right.

Inspired by the prophetic and kairos moment, Dr. Clarke got to work and drew up a proposal for the mission, vision, and direction of the Alliance for Black Pentecostal Scholarship. After consultation with the founding fathers, mothers, and other enthusiastic supporters, including Dr. Estrelda Alexander, Dr. David Daniel, Renea Braithwaite, and others, the Alliance was officially launched the following year at the Society for Pentecostal Studies annual conference on February March 1, 2019. 



Thanks for checking out our website. If you are interested in black Pentecostal scholarship and study then you have come to the right place. This Alliance seeks to be an incubator for the study, research and critical engagement of black Pentecostal thought and praxis around the world. Whether you are a professor, researcher, student or scholar practitioner, you will find opportunities for academic development, consultation and collaboration within this organization. Our mission is to enhance and develop the study of the global black Pentecostal movement.

Dr. Clifton Clarke


James BSmith.jpeg

Dr. James B. Smith

Vice President of Operations

Member of the Steering Committee


Dr. Maureen Grizzle

Executive Assistant to the President

Member of the Steering Committee


Dr. Oscar Owens

Facilitator for Church Based Bible Schools & Institutes


Member of the Advisory Board


Shanakay Brandford

Secretary - Treasurer

Member of the Steering Committee


Advisory Board & Workshop Faciliators



Steering Committee








Short Courses

Short courses on Black Pentecostal Scholarship are offered online and in personal settings.

Online Course

Global Conferences

Our virtual conferences seek to engage, assess, understand and critique the Black Pentecostal movement around the world.

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Academic Mentorship and Coaching

Our virtual conferences seek to engage, assess, understand and critique the Black Pentecostal 

Female Speaker

Global Workshops and Seminars

Our Global Workshops and Seminars provide opportunities for scholarly engagement and interaction around issues that pertain to the Global Black Pentecostal Movement.

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